Data collection improves energy efficiency

Any Industry/Enterprise/commercial spaces spend 30% of their running cost on energy. This can be reduced further with bettered energy efficiency practices. To get these benefits, an energy monitoring system can be implemented to collect, review and analyze the energy data weekly or monthly from their firms that can lead to decision-making and behavioral changes/losses from inaction. These energy monitoring systems require operational changes only, and no capital expenditure is needed.

            Data collection and analysis helps companies to better understand where energy is being used, and identify opportunities for improvement. Good data about energy efficiency is essential to make the best use savings from the energy efficiency measures. All stages of Industries and businesses rely upon valid energy efficiency analyses in order to draft business investment plans.

Data Collection examines three levels

  • Identifying for each one which problems can be solved with the analysis that is done, based on the data available
  • Providing a deeper look at Industry/Enterprise energy use to combine power-consumption data with activity patterns
  • Gather data to produce bottom-up estimates of energy use by device/machine type

Dependable analyses are learned from good energy data which are collected and analyzed periodically to manage the bottom line. Improvements would include managing the flow of existing data series, augmenting samples sizes of consumption charts, and speculating the rationalization of samples to provide better data visibility. Data collection brings on spotty and uneven data quality, which results in information gaps that deter good analysis.

At all levels, there is great potential for value in the data collected and the analysis performed to improve performance and identify energy efficiency opportunities that will save money, reduce carbon emissions, and improve occupant comfort.

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