Standy Power Waste

Standby Power Wastage

Did you know that most of your appliances, Phone chargers, PCs, computer monitors, printers, televisions, DVD players, microwaves, coffee makers, and more are still using energy when they are not plugged into a socket, even if they’re turned on or off?

Standby power is the electricity consumed by equipment when it is switched off or not performing its key operation. The actual power draw in standby mode is lesser, typically 0.5–30. Admitting consumption by individual appliances is small, the aggregate sum is notable.

Present-day estimates of standby use range from 3 to 10 percent of residential electricity use.

How to Cut down Standby Power using up

  • Get in the practice of unplugging all dormant or not-in-use appliances.
  • Use a smart power strip for appliances
  • Search for the energy efficiency models (ENERGY STAR labeled products) as they have lower standby.
  • Implement Energy efficiency monitoring systems

According to Bruce Nordman, an energy efficiency researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as a general rule, “the bigger—and older—the device, the more power it sucks up while it’s off. So it’s much more effective to unplug the decade-old equipment.”

Another tip from Nordman, “When you put your hand on the adaptor, if it’s hot, it’s using a lot of energy. If it’s not hot, it’s probably not using very much energy.” More on energy monitoring devices.

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