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4 ways you can protect your Generator

In a world where unemployment is on the rise since the start of the pandemic. Crime pays as many have come to a conclusion to. Your Workforce can’t be trusted and neither can anybody unless you take security into your own hands. The Generator you own is one of such value and so does the fuel that runs it. It might be a heavy piece of machinery , but anyone can pull of anything these days. Here’s four ways you can keep your genset safe .

1. Take the wheels off !

The thing about most generators is that they’re mounted on top of a trailer , sure it helps you move them around. But it’s not just you and your workforce that gets the job done easy with the wheels , anyone trying to steal it has the same advantage as you . Ever Seen Breaking Bad ? if only Jesse and Walt had a trailer or a trolly lying around for them to move the methylamine like a shopping cart . Take the wheels off and you might just make the job a lot tougher for the crooks. Even better , get a non portable genset and mount it . That way no one will plan such a tough ( dare I say ) Heist in the first place.

2. What if they’re not after the gold ?

Have Thieves ever broken into your house and didn’t take anything of value ? nope ? yeah , it hasn’t happened to me either. Cause sometimes thieves aren’t there for the gold , they’re there for what lies beneath like all treasure hunt movies. In a large scale Industry or plant , not everyone’s going to have their eyes set on your generator . Maybe they just want the fuel . Not every car thief wants to steal your car. 9 / 10 times he just wants the petrol from your car for his in an everyday petrol price hike of a society. And mostly it just might be an inside job . The best thing you can do is set sensors that monitor the amount of fuel in your generator. It might also help you notice something as dangerous as fuel leaks.

3. Fix up an alarm

I know this sounds like the most obvious thing to do when you’re planning to secure something. But what if you made it a little more challenging for the crooks ? Get seperate alarms for the door , the cable and the power alarm . Other than the alarm , physical security , fencing and lighting goes without saying .

4. What if … ?

God forbid not , but what if your Generator actually gets stolen ? let’s say the guard forgot to lock up or your security was weak. Heck , let’s assume an inside job. The best thing you can do is trust the skies. That’s right , you heard me.. Fixing up a GPS tracker on your generator ( which the thieves are probably not aware about ) you can track your generator like you would track your Uber on a rainy day.

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