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Case Study : Anjappar makes profit from reducing power consumption using Energyly

power cost saved anjapparEnergy is Anjappar’s third largest controllable expense. Faced with rising energy costs, Anjappar realized it needed to devote more attention to improving operational efficiencies. Though some effort had been expended on specific efficiency projects, the company lacked a comprehensive energy management plan and needed further evaluation of their cost drivers.

To address this issue, Anjappar’s picked ENERGYLY as their efficiency partner of choice. Steeped in strategic planning, efficiency engineering, and holistic organizational engagement—along with extensive food service industry expertise—ENERGYLY would be the guide by which Anjappar’s would plan and implement their efforts in search of a cost-effective and sustainable energy management solution.

We began the work by installing ENERGYLY’s wireless energy meter at Anjappar’s outlet and provided their executive team with a dashboard and mobile application to receive and monitor their energy consumption in real-time.

Coupled with analysis using data collected through ENERGYLY’s application this initial exploration allowed us to create a current-state assessment of Anjappar’s energy management efforts that clearly identified real and perceived barriers, as well as opportunities, in pursuit of an effective energy efficiency solution to their organizational needs.

EQUIPMENT USED FOR ANALYSIS : 2 Air Conditioners, 1 Exhaust & 1 Roast.


  • AC usage during non business hours identified.
  • Poor working conditions of HVACs found.
  • Low power factor identified at device level.


Anjappar’s work with ENERGYLY resulted in a strategic energy efficiency investment opportunities and initiative management recommendations to ensure that savings would be immediate, impactful and lasting.

The proposal was approved by Anjappar’s board, and the rollout is now underway.

Other results included:

  • Projected annual energy savings of over Rs 40,000 per annum from modifications to equipment on/off schedules (from just 4 devices).
  • Elevated attention to energy risks and opportunities at the executive level.
  • Specific, measurable, corporate-wide energy reduction & cost savings goals.

Our solution was clearly articulated and gave visibility to empower team members all the way down to the restaurants, where the general manager has the ability to improve his/her store profitability. Additionally, this roadmap will explicitly guide Anjappar’s through the challenges that may arise as Anjappar’s continues to open new outlets across India.