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Right way to read your electricity Bill

energy monitorAre you wondering what makes your electricity bill high? Are you trying to understand the energy charges on your electricity bill? If those are your problems, then don’t worry! You are not alone.

Most of the companies will not be diving deep to understand the detailed workings on your electricity bill. We have a few points for you to understand and reduce your electricity charges.

Get to know how your electricity has been charged?

Well, most of know that electricity consumption is recorded in “Units” from the energy meter installed at your premises. Meter reading can be taken monthly (In many states in India) or Bimonthly (Tamil Nadu) from the units, recorded on your meter. The units are then applied to the slab or tariff to calculate the electricity charges.

What is this Slab?

And is there any tariff difference for commercial and residential?

The slab is nothing but the cost of electricity service per unit.

The way of generating the electricity bill will be the same across all the consumer. However, the tariff or the rates charged will differ based on the category of consumers. Basically, there are 3 common categories in India.


Commercial and


For example, if the average cost of electricity is Rs 4 per unit, the residential or domestic consumer may be charged at the rate of Rs 3.5 per unit and the commercial or industrial consumer may be charged at the rate of Rs. 4.5 per unit.

Industries, factories, and business consumers will be charged with higher electricity rates.

Is there a way for an industry to reduce electricity bill?

Why not? Of course, there are ways to reduce your electricity bill. In the digital age, we have a solution to the problem discussed above.

 Smart Meters

These smart meters will help you to know the exact consumption of electricity per machinery. With these meters, it is easy to monitor the power consumption as well as to control the same remotely. These are Internet-based devices, which will send you alerts if there is a need for maintenance.

Are you in India and not aware of smart monitors?

We, Energyly is providing you our IoT based energy monitor with a user-friendly app. It is now easy and handy to monitor your electricity consumption. Our dashboard will give you insights on average energy spent in your organization or industry. Unnecessary power misuse can be handled with our monitor at ease.

Still didn’t get an idea? Call us for a free demo!