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Energy Efficiency in Restaurants

The Indian food industry has experienced tremendous growth and continues to expand at a faster pace.The restaurant industry is estimated to grow close to 5 billion by 2021 at a rate of 10% annually. The major problems faced by restaurants are high rentals, electricity and operational cost. When we see across the globe, rent and electricity bill makes around 5% of restaurant monthly revenue. However, in India, the percentage is around 20-25 based on the area. All these difficulties made the restaurants to operate at slim profit margins.

Through a strategic approach towards energy efficiency, around 10 to 20 percent of the reduction in energy consumption would lead to a potential increase in monthly turn-over. We live in a digital era, and the internet of things (IoT) achieves significant reductions in electricity bills.

Energy Efficiency Awareness

We all know that restaurants are large consumers of energy. The reason behind is, when a restaurant consumes more electricity, it is said to have high or premium quality. First and foremost step towards energy efficiency in restaurants is to make them understand that reduce energy use without compromising the high quality of services.


Energy Efficiency Targets

There are numerous factors to be considered before setting up the target. First, one should study where high and low energy has been consumed in your restaurants. Then it is easy to fix up a target or goal for potential reduction in their monthly electricity bills.

In order to make these things possible, we need to put in a lot of manpower, a core team for this energy management process. Then we should plan for frequent audit programs to check where we stand.

Without hassles, can we have any energy efficiency devices?

Well, we all know it is difficult to manage a separate team apart from our business as usual. We are living in a world of internet where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making things possible. Though we turned digital, most of the restaurants are not aware of these energy efficiency products.

A renowned restaurant in Chennai had gone through a rough phase when customer comfort and  temperature differences were at stake. They found fluctuations in their room temperature which impacts customer comfort. They observed that their utility bills kept increasing without doing nothing.They were in need of an energy monitoring device to solve this issue. Energyly has shown them a way to reduce their energy costs which will have a huge impact on their net profits. Energyly helped them to make data-driven decisions.

After Energyly

After installing Energyly, they reported a monthly savings of 7%. The insights and analytics from the Energyly app helped them to analyze the ways of energy saving. Since Energyly provides real-time access to data, it is easy for the manager to control A/C turn on during business hours. After a couple of months, the savings elevated to a double-digit percentage.

Within six months of time, the restaurant has yielded energy savings of about 10-15% which in turn resulted in their turn-over.

energy saving


An energy monitor will allow the business user to make informed decisions. Data is a key factor in determining the growth of any organization. If a hassle-free system is giving you a granular level data, then what are you waiting for?

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