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Marching towards an Energy efficient India!

India is marching towards the goal of “developed nation” status. By 2022, around 60 to 70% of the industries, organizations and, media giants are expected to connect via smart meters. Already, In January 2015 the government had launched the National Programme for the light emitting diode (LED) to replace the conventional lamps. Despite the launch of the National Programme, many regions of India are still using traditional lights. India’s residential sector is accountable only for about 39% of the country’s final energy consumption whereas the remaining 61%, utilized by the commercial sectors.

Are we in the right direction?

The answer is no! The first step is creating awareness among people. Many industrialists in rural areas are not aware of cost-effective energy efficiency solutions. Energy efficiency solutions are often considered as an expensive one, thus keeping many away from these products.

Know about smart meters

Smart meters are IoT based devices that helps the user to know the individual energy spent by each machine. The data received will be consolidated, stored and analyzed. There is a smart and, real-time dashboards are available to view the average performance and maintenance alerts.  Smart meters bring transparency and clarity to our operational expenditures. The user should know the reason for their spend. Also, they have a communication capability that allows the user to view and read data remotely. The user can access historical information on consumption.

Both commercial, as well as residential people in India, utilize more energy in lights and Air conditioners. Nobody is aware of the energy consumed by air conditioners.

Impact of Air-Conditioners in the India Energy market

The number of air cooling appliances in India has been raised by 9.7% in the past few years. The demand for Air conditioners is expected to reach up to 10 million in 2020. As part of energy saving, many organizations have started replacing their conventional air conditioners with most efficient 5- star rated ACs.  It is never an easy game for an organization or factory to adopt for a change. Energyly took its first step towards creating a change in the organizations, restaurants, and retail industries.

air conditioner architecture building

Energyly IoT Meter

We Energyly had a chance to visit one of our today’s customers where they had fluctuating electricity bills. With our Energyly meter installed, the user could see one of their air conditioners was acquiring higher energy.  We observed that one of the air conditioners consumed 80% power higher than the other one. Since Energyly meter has the provision to view energy consumption data at a granular level, it is easy for the management to take a better decision.

Energyly provides three different products for different industries such as commercial buildings, retail stores, and residential consumers to translate energy efficiency into cost saving.

We have our IoT based smart meters, connected to our user-friendly mobile app and the user can access the data real-time.

Can’t believe?

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