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Energy Efficiency Label and Energy Savings

Consumers purchase choices are necessary to successfully reach the energy-efficiency goals. Establishing energy labels on products is often considered an able way of entrusting consumers to make informed purchase decisions. The effectiveness depends on consumers use and analysis of the information provided.

bee star rating label

The BEE Star Energy Efficiency Labels have been formulated to standardize the energy efficiency ratings of different electrical appliances and indicate energy consumption (energy performance in the form of energy use, efficiency or energy cost) under standard test conditions. These labels indicate the energy efficiency levels through the number of Stars highlighted in color on the label. The BEE Star Labels include a Star Rating System that ranges from One Star (least energy efficient) to Five Stars (most energy efficient)

There are two types of labels:

Comparative Label – Allow consumers to compare the energy consumption of similar products, and factor lifetime running cost into their purchasing decision

Endorsement Label – Provide a certification to inform purchasers that the product is highly energy efficient for its category

Appliances under BEE labeling are categorized in two – Mandatory & Voluntary

Mandatory Appliances                                                      Voluntary Appliances

Room Air Conditioners                                                              Induction Motors

Frost Free Refrigerators                                                             Pump Sets, DG Sets

Tubular Florescent Lamp                                                           Ceiling Fans

Distribution Transformer                                                           LPG-Stoves, Computer-Notebooks/Laptops

Room Air Conditioner(Cassettes, Floor Standing)                Printer, Copier, Scanner, MFD’s

Washing Machine                                                                          Office equipment’s

Direct Cool Refrigerator                                                               Diesel Engine Driven, Mono-set Pumps

Color TV                                                                                           Electric Geysers

Variable Capacity Inverter Air Conditioners                            Electronic/ Magnetic, Ballast

LED Lamps                                                                                      Solid State Inverter

There was a lack of Consumer Awareness before the introduction of BEE label and price was the most influential factor for Indian consumers while purchasing electrical appliances, followed by energy consumption and running costs of appliance. With the introduction of Energy Labeling Scheme, the position altered considerably. Consumers, though still price sensitive, equally are more sensitized and aware about electricity consumption of their appliances


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