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Industry 4.0 and Energy Efficiency

industry 4.0Today, we are going to discuss smart industries. The topic is picking up the pace all around the globe.

What is Industry 4.0?

We all know that every industry is unique and operates in a different way. Despite their differences, a common challenge would be access to real-time data, connectedness and data insights.

That’s how industry 4.0 came to picture!

Industry 4.0 refers to a new trend in the industrial revolution and focuses on improvising the manufacturing efficiency. The entire world is now digitalized and, it is time for the smart industries to incorporate technologies like blockchain, IoT, machine learning and big data.

The relationship between Industry 4.0 and Energy Efficiency

In the current trend of industry 4.0, energy management has now become a hot topic. With IoT being the backbone of industry 4.0, it is now easy to enable the industries for making data-driven decisions. It is a hidden truth that, power consumption is a critical factor that drives the business continuity and quality of end-end manufacturing system. Revenue and business continuity are the potential reasons why industry 4.0 is more inclined towards energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is an integral part of industry 4.0. In this era of integration, it is now not a challenge to avoid shutdowns and helps the business owners to become flexible with changing environmental factors.

industry 4.0
Why do we need to introduce Industry 4.0?

This is need has not come to us a surprise. Both economics and technology have paved a way for this revolution. A couple of key benefits for adopting this change

Operational efficiency

It is now easy to understand the reason for critical issues happened within your manufacturing plant and also there will be automated alerts and actions triggered. There will be an option to look at the insights to understand the occurrence of certain events or failures. Also, there will be additional options to highlight preventive maintenance to avoid a few challenges.

Here we, Energyly come for your support. We basically educate the customer with our 5 stage process.

• Planning and Setting up our devices,
• Analysis requirements and risk,
• Monitoring to ensure smooth progress (Real-time data),
• Automatic alerts during event or crises
• Finally to retrospect post failures with data and insights.

An end-end solution for smart ecosystem

This end-end solution enables you to make more informed decisions. The data from IoT analytics enhances not just the cost but the overall quality of the organization. Energyly offers this end-to-end solution with its Energyly smart meters connected to the software along with a cloud-based dashboard for analytics. We will ensure the delivery of smart energy management solution for your organization and helps in bridging the gap between IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology).

The smart industrial market has wide open opportunities for energy management. Energyly will turn these opportunities to reality!

If you haven’t introduced industry 4.0 to your organization, please call us for a free demo!