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Traditional methods of energy saving

Running a factory? How much electricity bill you pay for each month?

Managing a business could be a difficult endeavor. In a startup environment, it would turn out even more difficult when you consider the factor that costs additionally (E.g. – rental space, electricity, benefits, products, employee salaries). These wavering costs may impact your budget.

Many people don’t consider electricity bill as a major expense since it has now become a mandatory cost for operating your business. You can effectively down the cost of power consumption using various ways.

Traditionally, manpower would be very much essential if we take a step towards energy saving methods. Methods followed so far in various industries are,

Energy Management Team

The main reason why energy consumption is relatively higher is that there is no responsible person to monitor the same. Create an energy management team with representatives to monitor the amount of energy being consumed. There should be a person to check if all the systems or machines are turned on and turned off at scheduled timelines. Energy efficiency process needs to be framed by the team and educated to all the employees in the organizations. Potential progress and metrics should be prepared by the team to showcase the cost reduction and energy saving.

Choosing Internal Team Energy-Management

Schedule the start and shut down on machinery

There should be a schedule where all the machinery on the floor is turned off. This may be during the weekends or non-working long holidays. Similarly, there should be a daily schedule mechanism where few machines need to be turned off close to business closing hours. In order to create a schedule, we should have visibility in the peak operational hours. So that we can use our complete machinery only during peak time and can save a considerable amount of energy.

Periodical energy audit

An energy audit is a process or technique used by the organizations to identify how the energy is consumed and diagnose where they are lost. These auditing firms publish a detailed report and also suggest an economical solution for energy efficiency enhancement. There are several auditing programs, which will dictate the efficiency of the machines and maintenance. They would give a report on machines which need maintenance and services to reduce energy consumption.

Schedule machinery based on load

Based on the acumen gained from the audit report, you will have an idea on which machinery consumes more energy. Based on the load and peak operational hours, the high energy consumption machinery can be scheduled to run during business closing hours or non- peak hours. This peak hour consumption will take an additional 30% cost of the total monthly utility bill. Also, you can compare the consumption levels of machines and can balance the load across them to make potential profits.

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