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Virgo Polymers saves Rs. 1,22,400 on Energy Bills

Virgo Polymers (India) Ltd wanted to explore energy efficiency possibilities in order to save energy cost. Based in Chennai, Virgo Polymer, a manufacturing plant working in Polypropylene Woven Sack industry for over two decades, cater to the bulk packaging needs of various Industries pan India as well as, tranships to 10 countries in 4 continents across the globe.

Usually factories consider the following energy saving options: 

  1. Rooftop solar options or buying solar power from third party farms. 
  2. Changing motors to servo motors 
  3. Looking at all electric machinery
  4. Extensive energy audits 



Virgo wanted to try out energy analytics, the normal practice is using energy meters for each of the machines used within a factory and there by comparing machine-to-machine electrical data.

However, Virgo tried something different. They used Energyly’s energy monitoring device and web application to study the intra-machine components energy consumption pattern. They did so by fixing the CT censors as mentioned below

  1. 3 sensors for incoming supply,
  2. 3 sensors for motor and
  3. 3 sensors for heaters. 

Energyly 12ch Smart Energy Meter


Through this diagnosis, they found that heaters within the extruder consumes (70 kw/h). On identifying such high power usage by heaters, Virgo began to find alternative technologies to reduce heat power consumption. As an alternative source they used Nano based  Infra Red (IR) to replace the existing band heater which thereby resulted in saving 35 kw/h leading up to reducing their energy costs by 14400 units per month and saving Rs. 1,22,400 on energy bills monthly.


The smart meter is connected through IoT and works with advanced machine learning algorithms to provide upto 12 data points. It hardly takes just 30mins to install the device to any machine. When it comes to cloud, it has a built-in Ethernet / GPRS gateway for connectivity.


The centralized energy monitoring system allows to get 24*7 live power data of machines. Apart from being able to compare machine data, it allows to remotely operate machines from any location. With full transparency, it alerts the users when there are functional issues in the machines and in how power is being consumed.


  • Fuel Level Monitoring – This feature provides the current fuel volume and change in volume data. It helps to prevent fuel theft by showing the time/date ranges for accurate fuel level and volume measurement.
  • Multi-Sensor Monitoring – Apart from electricity, Energyly measures other metrics such as pressure, temperature, motion, humidity, vibration, CO2, etc to implement best energy efficiency practices.