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Who is Energyly?

At the time you are concerned of growing your business, your product, customer and employee satisfaction; you are caring less about how much you spend on the lightings, air conditioning, refrigeration, equipment maintenance etc. Though these basic amenities could make you feel they are indispensable, it’s high time you realize that significant savings can be made from efficiently handling energy consumption.

Do you ask how much? Speaking of manufacturers, a change made in one aspect of the system had reduced the entire die-casting system energy consumption in all the three machine units. Turning the page to retailers, when a retailer conducted his energy audits in his store, he identified that there are opportunities to reduce energy consumption by at least 30%. This accounts to considerable cost savings that can have positive effect on P&L.

Despite the opportunities to save energy cost, facility managers across industries are finding it difficult to capture the available options in store. Most of them think regular energy audits can do the job for them, but the reality is if it was the case, energy consumption would have reduced a long time ago. While what they do is appreciated, for the most part it is only advisory and particularly for the time period for which the audit was made. Thus you can’t be still depending on them to yield you monetary results. It’s high time you start looking out for recent trends in this area.

So what’s new? IOT Energy Monitoring and Control is how energy efficiency works now. As industries are showing keen interest in transforming to Digitalization, they understand the importance of technology’s contribution into various aspects of increasing the bottomline. They are becoming open to explore new methods of cost savings which can add more value to businesses in the long run.

Well in this case, Energyly is accelerating the rate of businesses saving cost from energy upto 20%. One of the pioneers in this industry, Energyly has evolved from only energy monitoring to controller and becoming the chosen EE partner for the manufacturers and is now leading its way into the retail and commercial sector.

This movement in energy efficiency is not too costly to ignore. As the awareness to save operations cost by reducing consumption is increasing, the demand for systems like these are also entering the Digisphere. The CEO of Energyly, Dayal Nathan said two years ago that “Existing energy management solutions are too expensive and complicated for small businesses to implement. Ninety-five per cent of small businesses isn’t aware of these solutions. Concepts such as IoT are yet to percolate down to most of them.”

Well, this phase is fading, thanks to the awareness spread by Energyly, that now industries are swiftly switching to Energyly from their conventional audits. It has become the most preferred choice on the list of available solutions today.

Among many acclaims, Energyly has been recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India for its Startup India Action Plan. In the process, the team has extended its’ operations in several cities and is aspiring to go pan India.

For the near future, the team has some interesting goals in the pipeline. So, if you are still looking for an energy management solution, you may simply drop a demo request to us and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.