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Energy Monitoring System
Saves Power Cost by 25%

Energyly's Intelligent analytics & Insights helps Industries, Restaurants, BFSI and Retail sector, reduce their power usage


Access Energyly dashboard data anywhere on any device

Advanced Energy Analytics & Smart insights

Energyly includes an advanced visualization engine providing end users with real-time IoT based energy monitoring data & control machine/equipment that drives savings.

  • Dashboard and mobile app incorporates variety of features to help curb excessive consumption.
  • Real-time data availability to assist user in quickly determining where to adjust their energy usage.

Smart Wireless IoT based Energy Monitoring & Controlling Hardware

Energy Monitoring Device

Our smart wireless energy monitoring device which allows you to monitor and control energy consumption of various devices in offices and industries in realtime.

  • Our wireless energy monitoring hardware EGLY-12 CH can be connected to 4 three-phase machines or 12 single-phase machines
  • Which has the capability of monitoring and controlling machines upto minimum of 1 amps
  • Connects to machines using individual CT(Current Transformer) sensors.
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Energy Wastage & Awareness

Do you know that any Industry/Enterprise/commercial spaces spend 30% of their running cost on energy?

  • Electricity costs impact your business’s financial bottom line so whenever you save energy within your business you are also saving money.
  • Real-time energy monitoring ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions while reducing consumption and cost.
  • In order to make real-time business decisions, Energyly’s analytics provide viable insights and solutions for data driven decisions.
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Our Featured Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions

Our solutions deliver unprecedented visibility on energy usage, machine performance, production line monitoring and analytical insights.

energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring System

Our Energy management System takes complete control of your energy data at a fundamental & granular level while reducing your energy costs...
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Diesel Generator Monitoring

Monitoring the Diesel Generator Engine operation parameters through various sensors remotely. which helps to plan timely refueling & maintenance.
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Smart Metering Solutions

For a Smart factory, it is vital to monitor machines and processes in real time as well as ensure optimal performance to improve production...

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