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Yes. Two softwares are needed to be installed. One for data acquisition and one for analytics visualization. However the WiFi model does not need any installation if remote monitoring is only needed.
Energyly device sales are for lifetime with one year manufacturing warranty. After warranty yearly annual maintenance contract plans are available. Remote monitoring plans are yearly contracts and depend on the frequency of data monitoring.
Our pricing is a blended rate of the features available on each plan.
All payments are due in advance by cheque, NEFT or wire transfer. You can pay with Paypal too. Payment via wire transfer will require a previous financial study, contact us for further information.
All data is stored and operated in physical servers, managed by Energyly and hosted in professional data centers. Data is replicated in real time to multiple servers to guarantee high availability upon hardware or network problems. Also there is a daily Backup made of the most critical data.
You can see a full list of features or you can contact one of our consultants.
Support is available to all users through our support website. Here you can file support tickets as well as search our documentation. We thrive to offer a world-class support service so you can rest assured someone will always be available to help you.
No, we just store your data and use it for statistical purposes to offer you the best service possible. In the end all the data belongs to you.

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