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Water Monitoring System

Smart Realtime Water Monitoring Solutions for Industries & Hotels

About Water Monitoring System

The Energyly Water Monitoring System gives you the power to monitor your water usage, by combining software, hardware, wireless communications and sensors, Energyly industry-leading IoT water monitoring and analytics solutions help industries and hotels to increase productivity, and compliance while enhancing safety, sustainability and service

Energyly water monitoring solutions help industries and hotels to meet the wide array of challenges from water monitoring, leakage detection, water pressure management (reducing water pressure from 70 to 50 psi could lower the total water consumption of an industry by 10 to 20%), sewer overflows and flooding to water quality, water meter data collection. which also enables them to more effectively manage their problems such as water conservation procedures and operations in addition to the installation of water-efficient equipment and accessories.

You can access your Analytics Dashboard from virtually anywhere and receive on-demand alerts via email, text through iOS and Android app or by connecting to the secure website.

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Benefits of Energyly IoT Water Monitoring System

Water Monitoring benefits

  • Water consumption is recorded in real time—24/7/365.
  • 20% reduction in water consumption
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Intelligent water leakage detection and automatic alerts are sent out immediately.
  • Pressure and water consumption Management
  • Tell in advance potential failures
  • Decrease maintenance & repair Cost
  • Remotely Control IoT Valves
In the Energyly remote water monitoring system, the main water meter is monitored continuously and recorded to a server in real-time. The service analyses change in consumption patterns and create the necessary alarms for deviations. Water consumption is reported accurately and possible leaks can be reacted to without delay.
The system will start memorising and calculating your water usage from the moment you plug it in. The longer the system is running the more intuitive and “smart” the system will become.
Hourly water consumption curve is a great way to determine whether your system has water leaks. If the consumption of water is high in the non-working hours, that probably indicates the presence of leaks.

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