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Energy Monitoring System

Energyly - Smart Energy Monitoring System

Energy Monitoring will reduce Electricity Bills Upto 25%

Energyly allows you to access and monitor your office and industry energy consumption, anytime from anywhere which makes energy saving easier. Our IoT Based Energy Monitoring System have saved people up to 25% off their electricity bills by raising their awareness. Energyly aims to create a sustainable world with its IoT technology and people expertise to lower costs, drive effeciencies and reduce environmental impact.

  • 24x7 Real-time energy usage analytics via app.
  • Remotely switch ON/OFF any machine.
  • Pre-emptive alerts on erratic behaviour
  • Control diesel pilferage with fuel-level monitoring.
  • Wireless with installation time less than 30 mins.
  • Identifying Energy Wastage.
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Benefits of Energyly IoT

Energy Monitoring benefits

Energyly reveals potential energy savings. In addition, the equipment operation parameters are measured and can be analyzed to detect and prevent possible production stoppages at an early stage and thus to optimize your operating equipment uptime thereby increase productivity. The scalable, user-friendly analytics software available on both desktop and mobile platform is ideal for fault monitoring / RCM and power quality monitoring systems. Sending SMS & Email alerts on erratic machine behaviours and patterns.


Energyly Real-time Data

Multi-Sensor Monitoring

Energyly collects data sources from various sensors like temperature, humidity, CO2, production counter, pressure, motion sensor, fluid level and vibration. Analysis and Interpretation of the obtained Data versus Operations which results improved employee health, productivity and therefore profitability


Leading business turn to Energyly to reduce their energy bills up to 25%

Energyly has now over 1500+ customers spanning across multiple industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality etc., and 30% of them are from Plastics Industry who have a turnover from 1 crore upto over 200 Crores.

Most of them use it only as a real-time energy monitoring tool to find out if the machines are working, and track downtime, machine to machine performance.

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More than 1500 users are using Energyly for saving Energy