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Diesel Monitoring System

Smart Realtime Diesel Monitoring Solutions for Industries & Hotels

Diesel Generator Fuel Monitoring System

To address the challenges faced to provide the uninterrupted availability of power, most businesses, industries, restaurants, hospitals, and other sectors need a Diesel Generator as a backup power source. So, it is very vital to provide power in times of grid or mains failure. Also, Battery and Diesel levels in the tanks are in good condition along with various other parameters to ensure proper running of the backup power.

Control generators from anywhere

Our IoT based Smart Diesel Generator Monitoring solution includes a remote-control capability that enables you to turn "on" or "off" your generators from anywhere and schedule specific times to do. We install sensors to gather common generator parameter data like fuel levels, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine temperature, generated output power, engine running time, mains and generator voltage and frequency, engine RPM, etc, and send it to IoT platform, through a gateway. Machine learning algorithms analyse that information and the resulting report will be shown on the user dashboard to monitor and reacts rapidly. The system will also notify you via sending you an email/text notification on fault detection, fuel theft, value deviations, and low-level scenarios.

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Benefits of Energyly IoT Diesel Monitoring System

Diesel Monitoring benefits

  • Improve Generator Performance: Monitor key generator performance metrics like - total energy produced, exact fuel consumption, the energy produced per litre of fuel (kWh/litre ratio), power quality and RMS parameters.
  • Prevent Fuel theft: Instantly detect if fuel is being stolen, monitor and make sure that the accurate fuel amounts are delivered.
  • Reduce maintenance cost: Reduces the need for costly service calls and site visits to check the generator’s status, repairs, maintenance and refueling can be planned that saves time and costs.
  • Calculate Efficiency: The Efficiency of a diesel engine is calculated based on total energy produced, fuel consumed, and other parameters like temperature, oil pressure, etc.
diesel monitoring benefits
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