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Are you sure of your production cost

Increase Product Cost or Continue Production at Loss. What did Precision Products do?


Customer Profile:

Precision Products was founded in 1986 that made Sheet Metal Components & Plastic Molded items. After these first radiators, the firm expanded its portfolio with the production of Heat Sinks.

In 2011, They entered into an extensive line of residential and commercial products which incorporate style and innovation into Cisterns, Seat covers, Faucets, Showers, Sink, Household and accessories etc.

Case Study:

The production cost of your product can and should only be determined by the sum of the cost of the resources that went into making it. But how do you validate this cost?

This was not the question raised to Precision Products. Perhaps our association began by installing our device to their moulding machines only for energy monitoring. But as we continued our analysis, we found that the cost set for a product was lesser than it has to be. If we hadn't found, they may never have realized that they were selling their product at less price.

This finding was taken to the Managing Director of Precision Products by their employees and they had to take the inevitable decision, whether to increase the price of the product or continue running the business at loss.


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