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Are you using your raw materials right

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United Industries

Customer Profile:

United Industries is a pioneer in Industry 4.0 within the context of the South Indian plastic injection moulding space.

United Group was found in 1985 as a small injection moulding unit at Chennai with two machines and now UI caters to Tier 1 vendors of Hyundai, Ford, Reno-Nissan, Toyota and Daimler.

Case Study:

In any plastics company, raw materials accounts to 70% of expenses while others account to only for 30%. This clearly indicates the importance of properly using raw materials in production. While raw materials counts so much value, it is in fact important to monitor their usage.

For instance, say a certain product is being produced at United and the raw materials used is 5gms each. For every cycle in injection moulding, 12 products are made and therefore the raw materials used should be 60gms. The costing for the product will be based on how much the product weighs along with other expenses included. Imagine if during a cycle, certain products weighed more than 60gms and you sold it at the same cost of the others? You will be losing big time!


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